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RITO Cook Islands

The word ‘Rito’ means the young fine shoots of the coconut palm.

Rito Cook Islands was established by Robert and Susan Wyllie. They use natural sustainable ingredients and combined it with advanced bio-molecular technologies under the expert guidance of renowned biochemist, Dr Olga Garkavenko.

Rito skincare, crafted in the Cook Islands, is enriched with the finest quality active ingredients. Oceania oils, exotic flowers, algae ad fruit extracts have been selected for their anti-oxidant, hydrating and skin-repairing benefits. Generations of Rarotongan skincare knowledge, combined with bio-molecular science have created targeted products with silky textures and natural fragrances from the Pacific, for the wellbeing of your skin.

The products are made with cold-pressed virgin coconut oil, and are all locally produced in Rarotonga.

The brand’s finest quality active ingredients are all sourced from Rarotonga and other Pacific Islands, have all been selected for their proven benefits on the skin. All Rito Cook Island products are Paraben free and not tested on animals.

dōTERRA Essential Oils

dōTERRA is a Latin derivative meaning “Gift of the Earth.”

What Makes dōTERRA Different?
When you use a bottle of dōTERRA essential oil, you’re using an oil that is pure. There are no contaminants or fillers. The essential oil industry did not have standards to ensure purity, so dōTERRA created one.

Every batch of dōTERRA essential oils goes through a rigorous testing process – well beyond what would be considered “good enough.” After that, each oil is sent to an independent third party for further testing and validation.

Pure Essential Oils Pass Tests
If the oil passes the tests, it’s labeled as CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade®. When you see the CPTG® label, you know you’re using the purest essential oils on the market.

Want to see the purity of dōTERRA oils for yourself? Every single bottle of dōTERRA oil comes with a quality ID. Use the ID number on the bottom of your bottle to view the third-party test results for that batch of oil by clicking

To Note:
As the dōTERRA product range is so diverse, we only keep stock of the most popular dōTERRA products.

We place orders through to the dōTERRA NZ Warehouse on a Monday and a Thursday, this means that your order will be sent to you immediately once we receive our shipment. This saves in courier costs for both parties.

With quality essential oils, you and your family can find natural solutions to everyday problems, and enjoy improved health and wellness.

If you are looking for a specific dōTERRA product which is not loaded in our Shop, please feel free to email us the details and we will try our best to get it loaded.

* If using any of the various variety of Citrus drops to add to water, please use GLASS ONLY, NOT Plastic. This prevents any damage to plastic containers and prevents any potential leaching of plastic chemicals. *